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Location Comments Current Feb 1, 2023 Brand Model Year Stock Number Color of Case Current New Price Sale Price Extreme Value
Dallas Showroom Limited Edition. Instrument of the Immortals. With Upgraded QRS Player WIFI System Steinway B 1995 5331995 Satin Ebony Limited Edition Has Player $184,500 $69,963
Dallas Showroom Limited Edition Model B. Hardly played and priced right. Own a collector piano at the price of a standard B Steinway B 2003 5672003 Satin Ebony Limited Edition $184,500 $87,950
Dallas Steinway Selection Room From a loving home hardly played. Rich tone and fast action Steinway B 1988 5091988 Mahogony $138,800 $51,693
Dallas Showroom Good Solid Piano. Rebuilt 10 years ago. Price includes refinishing the piano in your choice of color Steinway B 1970 4211970 Ebony $138,800 $49,687
Dallas Showroom New Finish Satin wood finish, New Strings, New Pin Block, New Dampers Concert Level voicing. Steinway S 1950 3311950 Mahogany $86,600 $37,650
Dallas Showroom A III 6'4 1/2" One of the Finest Models Steinway Made. A Must play instrument if you have never played one Steinway A III 1924 2251924 Mahogany $123,000 $56,450
Custom Rebuilt. In Dallas Mid Feb 2023 Steinway A III 1916 1801916 High Gloss Ebony $123,000 $69,950
Bowie Showroom Good Solid Piano Steinway B 1982 4801982 Walnut. Priced with new Ebony Finish $138,800 $49,950
Rebuilding High Sheen Mahogany Finish. New Soundboard and Pin Block new Steinway and Dampers. New Action 10yrs. Ago Steinway A III 1915 1721915 Mahogany Case $123,000 $57,450
Bowie Showroom Strong Tone, Bell like upper register. Steinway B 1980 4691980 Satin Walnut Finish $138,800 $47,450
Dallas Showroom Fast Action, Original Condition, Perfect for a Smaller Room. Steinway M 1984 4901984 Ebony Satin $95,800 $41,450
Dallas Steinway Selection Room Built in 1996 Purchased new in 2006 Custom East Indian Rosewood. Very hard to find. Steinway B 1996 / 2006 5402006 East Indian Rosewood Built in 1996 But Sold new in 2006 $250,400 $87,850
Rebuilding Custom Rebuild and Refinish. Arrives March 1, 2024 Steinway A III 1915 1721915 Mahogany $123,000 $69,950
Dallas Steinway Selection Room Upgraded Piano Disc Player System. Also silent play system All Original. Priced to sell Steinway B 2003 5672003 Ebony Satin with upgraded Piano Disc Player system $148,800 $59,450
Bowie Showroom Priced after a Custom Rebuild which would take 12 months. Steinway A III 1916 1761916 Ebony $123,000 $69,950
Bowie Showroom You Buy and Rebuild to your specifications Steinway B 1919 1961919 Satin $138,800 $14,850
Rebuilding Custom Rebuild and Refinish. Arrives March 1, 2024 Steinway A III 1930 2711930 High Polish Ebony $123,000 $69,950
Dallas Steinway Selection Room Have to find A III. Refinished in a Dark Brown finish over Tiger grain. Rare Signed by Thomas Steinway and a Letter from Him to Customer in 1938 Steinway A III 1938 2931938 Dark Brown over Tiger Wood $123,000 $58,748
Dallas Showroom Nice warm Walnut Color. From a Home and in Original Finish Steinway L 1994 5331994 Walnut $106,700 $49,650
Bowie Showroom This is the first year Steinway Built the Model B. You oversee rebuilding it to your specifications. Steinway B 1878 4011878 Walnut $138,800 $17,750
Dallas Showroom Nice B with Player system Priced right Steinway B 1980 4721980 Satin Ebony with QRS player $148,800 $49,950
Dallas Showroom New Finish you choose the Shade of Walnut , Rebuilt in the 1990's, We just put New Key Tops and Front and Center Bushings Steinway M 1927 2551927 Walnut $95,800 $29,950
Dallas Steinway Selection Room Custom Plack Plate, High Gloss Black Finish, New Block and New Steinways and Dampers. Steinway B 1965 3911965 High Gloss Ebony $138,800 $49,693
Bowie Showroom You Buy and Rebuild Steinway B 2021 2021 High Gloss Ebony $138,800 $8,500
Available Only 1 year Old. Steinway Spiro B with Record Steinway B 2022 2022 High Gloss Ebony $186,600 $135,000

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